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The Year of the Tiger is one of the most significant events in the feline world, and “Ding Ding Cat” is thrilled to join hands with another community cat "Ding Ding Tiger" to celebrate the New Year together with our city. The 2 lucky cats symbolise "Wang Ding"(more traffic) and "Wang Cai"(more wealth) respectively, senDING New Year greetings to all our passengers and kaifongs. Blessing the city’s emergence from the epidemic soon, HK Tramways is carrying forward its century-long service promise for accomplishing new mileage.

HK Tramways has partnered with "Now Loading", a local cultural platform, for the first time, to collaborate with popular lifestyle brands in launching a series of designer goods that bring excitements to various aspects of life.

CD: Westley Wong | AD: Mavis Lo | V: Troels Cheng 

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