'Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.'

'Design is how it works.' -  Steve Jobs

We believe that a good design is a creative outcome of comprehensive examination upon a subject matter. However a design can be considered epochal if only it can survive and still remain competitive across multimedia in this era. After all, it should always be explainable and enjoyable in every way. Wholly Wholly is a cross-disciplinary research-based branding agency. We look forward to perfecting your business with you.

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Westley Wong
Creative Director


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Zenith Au
Sheila Khumsuntha.jpg
Sheila Khumsuntha
Senny Tancheff
Research Director

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Fergus Yip
3D Motion Designer

Design Research

It is essential to get to know about the business nature, competitors and opportunities of our partners in strategising our design solution. We coordinate and carry out in-depth comprehensive design research identifying a brand's Point of Difference (POD).


From naming to logo design, from uniform design to branding guideline (BI), we exert ourselves in branding holistically. We create a brand experience, instead of just visual elements, to emotionalise target customers.


With the help of The Matrix™, Wholly Wholly assists our partners for consolidating the actualisation of their brand's value. We work hand-in-hand, step-by-step with our partners to nurture their corporate's or brand's identity starting from scratch.

Design and Production

Wholly Wholly is multi-disciplinary. We are specialised in graphic design, typography design, animation design, videography, as well as sound design. We believe that actualising a brand's value should be limitless. The best communication is all we need.

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