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Yuen Yuen Institute:
Chi Fuk Hall​《慈福堂》

Designed by Hong Kong architect Manfred Yuen, Chi Fuk Hall is an oriental aesthetics-inspired columbarium situated in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. We hope illustrate the poetic and calm setting at Yuen Yuen Institute in which everyone, including the ancestors, could find peace of minds.

From The Den

Young lions are being fed in the den and trained by the seniors until they are ready for the world. And one day, they will become king of the jungle.

Craftsman: Savile Row Eyewear

Over 120 processes are involved in crafting every single frame. John Lennon and Queen Elizabeth II both wore Algha frames, and John Lennon's iconic Round Eyes were Algha-made.



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Delicacy in Damen 《大門味道》

In response to China's town and country revitalisation, architects and developers work hand in hand with residences to keep the gist of the town. Preserving the inherited culture is, on one hand, top of the list. On the other hand, the innovative new applications of the transportation waterways and historical architectures are also one of the challenges.


We worked with the teams closely to document and illustrate the vitality of the town as well as the innovativeness of the urban planning blueprint using videography.



The family moved their brush manufactory from China to Hong Kong back in 1960s. From industrial brush to toothbrush, from plastic to wood, Lau Cheong Kee has strived its best to quality brushes.

Together with its introduction of bamboo toothbrushes, the brand new Lau Cheong Kee is aimed for sustainability of both the business and the environment.

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