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'Ink Brush City' is a research project on 30s–80s Hong Kong commercial calligraphers. With 2 years of research and collection, the project team designed a set of red pockets with the writing of 2 infamous Hong Kong calligraphers, namely Master Au Kin-kung and Tse Heish. The two styles of red pockets were created with 2 calligraphic styles 'Beiwei' and 'Hanli', which composes a meaning of 'celebrating a new year’. The team has utilised the contrast between the foil and paper textures of 'Curious' sponsored by Antalis Paper. The overall designs were created to resemble the features of wooden store signs in Hong Kong. 

CD: Westley Wong | AD: Sheila K.

Printing: Safe Power

Paper: Antalis (HK) 

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